This post is both personal and for an assignment. I am currently in a class for building a professional online portfolio/website, and this post is for me to outline my objectives (hence the post title) for that website. With my website I would like reach various studios and other professional artists. If my work is in a presentable and professional format, then I feel it will increase my marketability and my range of networking. I want to be able to express my talents and ability to be a creative director. My portfolio consists of various illustrated character concepts, cast designs for series, and animated shorts, and I think it shows my capacity to be a creative leader and to spearhead projects. I'd like to organize the site by categories of : Animation, Illustration, Concepts (possibly), and sketches. I also would like to have the pieces in order from most recent to oldest.

    On another and related note. I have objectives for this blog and my artwork in general. I think my work the potential to appeal to a wide audience, from young teens to the 18-26 range as well. I'd like my work to have this effect since the various shows and games that influence me have that same appeal. I want to express any and all of my artistic impulses and interests. I also want to display my love for building universes and creating casts characters.