RPGC DAY 3 Sidekick, 4 Transport, 5 Low Level Enemy

I've been doing the challenge but I forgot to post over the last couple days. So here is day 3,4,and 5

So this is Day 3- The Ranged Sidekick. She is a powerful  6'10" mage wielding a focus and bangle. She is  my best friend and personal guardian, never backing down to any foe. The Focus allows her to channel great amounts of magic energy, the bangle applies various attributes to the spell being used.

Day 4 - the Transport. This is the Scuttlehouse, a 30 ft tall, 2 level magical house on legs. The legs are powerful making the house able to swiftly cross the roughest of terrain. On smoother terrain there are six orbs on the underside that allow it to roll very fast. The scuttlehouse runs on 3 magical engines encased in protective "hives".  

Day 5 - A weak level enemy - The Slime. The slime is squishy, gelatinous and weak. They are pest because they multiply so quickly. When defeated they will split and duplicate. The number of globs in its top nub indicate how many times the slime will duplicate before it is completely defeated. Though the slimes will multiply annoyingly they can be typically be OHKO'd.

Mage Siblings Portraits Sketches

 This is a quick sketch of two characters that popped in my head today at work. Thaeden and Kalii are both mages that remain on the move since they are pursued by various groups of people that wish to use them as weapons. Thaeden is 5 years old and is the more powerful of the two siblings. While his power is tremendous he still young and has trouble controlling the magic. When he is happy or contented he is able to focus and perform most mid level spells with ease, When frightened Thaeden has a tendency to produce only defensive magic. Anger and terror cause him to lash out, and during these moments he taps into the legendary magic of the ancients, Aethirok. Kalii is 11 years old but has had to mature beyond her years in order to protect her little brother. Her magic powers are substantial and extensive, as she practices and studies whenever she can. Kalii prefers both destructive and healing magic over anything others, as they have proven most effective when protecting Thaeden. She has taught Thaeden codewords that help to guide him in spellcasting, and that can calm him down when he begins to lose control of the Aethirok. The siblings can channel each others magic when they have need of it, which comes in handy when Kalii needs to siphon off the extra power from Thaeden when he loses control. The siblings don't trust many people aside from their older "Adoptive brother" Lennick, who helps protect them even though he isn't a mage.

Fairy Tale X - Rufus Hunt

After finishing the TV show Once Upon A Time, I got an idea for a potential comic/ Animated series or short. Fairy Tale 2nd generations or Fairy Tale X are the two working titles that I've been knocking around. Rufus Hunt is one of the main characters, the son of Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman from Snow White. He wears a magic cloak similar to that of his mother's. It changes form based on whatever he needs to protect him or give him comfort. He also can also summon and wield the Legendary Axe "Ragnarok". Ragnarok contains great magic that uses the emotions and will of it's wielder to amplify its power.

And Even MORE Monsters

Here's the next batch I finished! I had a lot of fun with this set.

Top Row: Caprsyr, Wraith
Bottom Row: Greycap Giant, Redcap Giant

Top Row: Marboru, Lure Slug
Bottom Row: Wind Sprite, Drakinot 

Clockwise From the Top: Voreworm, Water Fox, 
Shade and Will-o-wisps, Troll

Top to Bottom: Grancloi, Beholder 

This is a race and not a creature. A Male Carchilon. 

This is also a race. an Ursathrope.

Monsters and Creatures

Something I've been wanting to do for awhile is create a Bestiary of monsters that could be used for any variety of projects. Over the last couple of days I've been inspired to start filling my sketchbook with creatures. So I'll be posting the pages as I finish them. I plan to clean these up and color them digitally, and add full descriptions when I re-post.

From Top to Bottom: Selak, Dendilla, Axi, and a Leonik Marboru