Figure Drawing

I think Figure and Life Drawing is important to anyone in the art world in order to keep their skills sharp.  All of these drawings were done in vine charcoal on news print.

10 minutes

left 15 minutes   right 10 minutes

15 minutes

10 minutes

20 minutes

10 minutes

7 minutes on each

30 second gestures

30 second gestures

30 second gestures

Masters Study of  "The Flowered Dress" by Edouard Vuillard - 5 hours

Portrait of Samantha - 20 minutes

Career Research and Thoughts

As I'm nearing the end of my college career it has been very necessary to think about where I want to go career wise. As a professional practice assignment we had to research various positions in the animation industry and figure out how they applied to our interests, and then which ones we feel most drawn towards. I feel that many people hope to be the creator of a show, but there are many creative jobs to be had on a production aside from being the creator.  

As a story teller and an animator/illustrator I’ve always looked to my visual arts skill set as a vehicle to move my stories and writings along. The idea of being a director, or at least my perception of a director, appealed to me in high school. I thought the director was entirely or least primarily responsible for all of the creative content in a project.  A director does have a lot of control in many cases, but is not always the main creative force. The Director is the pipeline that the project moves through. At every stage the director has to be excited and scrutinizing in order to maintain consistent workflow. They also have to be able give clear instruction and be decisive in hiring the most effective crew for each stage in production.

I’m more interested in the creative aspects of the job, so being a creator of a television or video game series really appeals to me. I could be involved with the initial visualization like an art director, and also be responsible for the content as a writer/editor.  Before becoming a creator the job of just being an Art director seems to fit best. An art director is primarily responsible for the visualization and unification of the creative content through a project. I could take ideas given to me by the creators, or production designers and bring them to life. As an art director I could work closely with character designers and concept artists (jobs I’d also be interested in), in order to work and hone the look and feel of the overall production. 

The ideal path I see myself taking would be: 

General Animator --> Character Designer/ Concept Artist --> Art Director --> Director/writer --> Creator

Of course these are just ideas and I haven't experienced the industry first hand, but either way I am excited about the possibilities.