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RPGC DAY 6 and 7, Tavern and Dungeon

Day 6 - Tavern - The Fishboot Tavern and Inn. A warm and lively tavern in a port city. A well known spot for travelers, adventurers and bards.

Day 7 - A Dungeon. The Amenonn Desert Ruin. What once was a  vast and glorious temple, was overrun with monsters after the Horned Beast Amenonn was corrupted with chaos magic. The temple sunk into the sands with only its entrance remaining unsealed. 

RPGC DAY 3 Sidekick, 4 Transport, 5 Low Level Enemy

I've been doing the challenge but I forgot to post over the last couple days. So here is day 3,4,and 5

So this is Day 3- The Ranged Sidekick. She is a powerful  6'10" mage wielding a focus and bangle. She is  my best friend and personal guardian, never backing down to any foe. The Focus allows her to channel great amounts of magic energy, the bangle applies various attributes to the spell being used.

Day 4 - the Transport. This is the Scuttlehouse, a 30 ft tall, 2 level magical house on legs. The legs are powerful making the house able to swiftly cross the roughest of terrain. On smoother terrain there are six orbs on the underside that allow it to roll very fast. The scuttlehouse runs on 3 magical engines encased in protective "hives".  

Day 5 - A weak level enemy - The Slime. The slime is squishy, gelatinous and weak. They are pest because they multiply so quickly. When defeated they will split and duplicate. The number of globs in its top nub indicate how many times the slime will duplicate before it is completely defeated. Though the slimes will multiply annoyingly they can be typically be OHKO'd.

30 Day RPGC Day 2 - Villain

The 30 day RPG challenge, where you are to create elements for an RPG video game. Day 2 is to draw yourself as the Main Character. So here is the Big Bad, a hulking Dark Knight Sorcerer dual wielding a staff and sword. His powerful aura spills from his shoulders into an ominous cloak, and smokes from his eyes adding to his menace. With immense physical strength and powerful magics he dominates all within his realm.

Goliath Odyssey new Character Designs

I'm starting to build a Pitch Bible for Goliath Odyssey as a television series.
After meeting David Levy and reading his book "Animation Development: From Pitch to Production", I realized I needed to make some changes to the characters and story. I thought about what inspires me now and which television shows I enjoy the most. And among those shows were Avatar the Last Airbender and Samurai Jack. Those series are beyond amazing and have stuck with me since I was a kid. This made me consider my audience, which I initially thought was geared toward people like me 18 to 24 year olds, but which I now see is the 10 to 14 crowd. The amazing thing about shows like Airbender and Jack were the fact that they were exciting and easily accessible to any crowd, especially kids, but also because they were layered with concepts that would understood by an older audience. The messages and character development in Airbender were deep and could appeal to any number of viewers, which was another aspect of its magical influence.

So in relation to Goliath Odyssey, I decided to age down the protagonists, which in turn threw their personalities and back stories into sharp relief making them far more interesting to me. This change opened up lots of potential doorways for character development and episode ideas.

Goliath Odyssey info

Azer Rorai - 23 - He is the villager selected to make the Odyssey in order to save Alz'Turen, his people and ultimately the world. Azer is a jack of all trades never really finding his place in the village, having tried most things for awhile from being a warrior, to a scholar, to a baker. Currently an average hunter, Azer is excited for the task. 

Prijani Kamaba - 24 - Prijani was extremely confused and more than a little jealous that Azer was selected to deliver the Girespol instead of her. As the greatest warrior the village had seen in 50 years she thought she was the obvious choice. She was somewhat mollified when she was selected to be the first of Azer's companions and guardians on the quest. 

Nhok Rhuole - 40 - Nhok is known for both his skill as great healer and his massive size due to standing head and shoulders over the majority of people of his village. As a young man Nhok watched over the village children, including Azer and Prijani. Having watched them grow up he volunteers himself to accompany them as the second guardian. 

Ulzea - 19 - A deserter from Tailesid, a village on the back side of Alz'Turen, who was vocal about Tailesid's leader being crazed for wanting to seize the girespol from Azer. She is initially mistrusted by Azer and the group because of her dark demeanor but is eventually accepted as a friend and companion. 

Alz'Turen - A little over 3000 - The Great Dragon Tortoise. Alz'Turen is one of the 11 remaining Goliaths, and is the oldest of the Ancient Three including Vezlorik "Guardian of the sky" and Kelezugame "Sentinel of the Oceans". Alz'Turen is one of the cornerstones in the war against the Demigols. The Runes on his shell create a protective shield against destructive forces, these runes protect him but are primarily to protect the humans that live on his shell. Alz'Turen also possesses the magic ability to constantly absorb the energies of the world which upon completion manifests itself as a girespol. The flames he spits are said to eat the earth, burn the very sky and, boil the waters. Alz'Turen is also known for his great wisdom and reason, and is often sought out by other goliaths for his insight.

On the world of Egaigea giant beings roam and maintain order. These beings are known as the "Goliaths". Massive creatures that share symbiotic relationships with the humans that live on them, the Goliaths possess power worthy of their size. The humans take it upon themselves to maintain the ancient magics that protect the Goliath they live on, while the Goliath protects its humans from the "demigols" a new generation of minor goliaths that seek to destroy the Goliath's of old and take their place as the apex of power on Egaigea.

Alz'Turen the Great Dragon Tortoise, is the oldest and most powerful of the remaining Goliaths. But as the war with the demigols continues, his strength is waning and his options for survival are either a stasis known as a "Great Sleep" or for his humans to finish the "Girespol" a orb of great magic and energy collected on his shell, and to deliver it to his head to be consumed. 

Azer Rorai is the human selected to undertake the "Odyssey" and deliver the girespol to Alz'Turen. With war erupting both on the shell and among Goliaths, the Odyssey is only thing standing between destruction and salvation.